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I Believe In The 

Joy In Learning

Research from neuroscience has unveiled the invaluable benefits of joyful learning. Embracing joy in learning has far-reaching, positive impacts on the overall personalized development of students. It has been found to uplift their academic progress substantially and benefit them socially and emotionally. Also, the joy in learning can create lasting memories and enhance our mental processing abilities, ultimately leading to greater educational success. I have co-created joy in learning initiatives designed with this research in mind. They include stimulating environments that inspire students towards collaboration and curiosity alongside fostering meaningful teacher-student relationships. A student-centered academic environment where teaching and learning occur at high levels and students are self-directed learners. These experiences fuel positive emotions and improve academic performance across grade levels. 


Culture of "We"

I believe that a shared ethos of "WE" is essential for creating an inclusive and equitable school culture. Such an ethos encourages understanding, respect, and trust between different members of the school community. When all stakeholders in the school community come together to work towards common objectives, it creates an environment where everyone feels valued and connected. This can lead to more productive collaboration and communication between students, teachers, staff, parents, and other members of the community. We can create lasting positive change in our communities by fostering this kind of atmosphere within our schools. A shared ethos of "WE" gives us the strength to turn challenges into opportunities and make our schools places where everyone feels accepted and respected. The impact of such a culture will extend far beyond the classroom and into our entire community. We can create a powerful and positive force for change by working together. 


Cultivation of Exceptionalness

Teachers are the foundation of any great educational system, and my goal is to create an optimal environment in which they can reach their highest potential. To achieve this, I am committed to providing our teachers with high-quality professional development opportunities focusing on brain-based learning, active learning strategies, culturally responsive pedagogy, and personalized learning. I understand that these are essential elements for inspiring successful outcomes in the classroom, and I am passionate about helping our teachers take risks and co-create with their students a more equitable learning experience. With these tools, I strive to build an environment of excellence that allows each scholar to reach their full potential. This is the foundation of my work – to create a world-class educational system with outstanding teachers and scholars. 


Grow Strong

My vision is to create a school climate and culture that fosters creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking among students, staff and parents. All stakeholders must be involved in the decision-making process, collaborating on initiatives that develop 21st-century skills such as problem-solving and communication. I also strive to increase student achievement by investing in innovative and engaging instructional practices, including the expansion of STEAM or International Baccalaureate programs. By investing in cutting-edge technology, such as becoming an Apple Distinguished School, my goal is to ensure our students have the skills and knowledge needed for success in today's ever-changing world. Together, these initiatives lay the foundation for a comprehensive educational environment that will lead to higher CCRPI scores, a more engaged and productive learning community. With dedication and hard work, we can create an atmosphere of innovation and collaboration that will inspire teachers and students. By ensuring our education system is inclusive, equitable, innovative, and accessible, our school will be able to maximize student success and achievement. With our combined efforts, we will be able to reach these goals and create an educational system that serves our students well. By developing a shared vision, we can work together to ensure all students have the opportunity to reach their full potential. This is my commitment to you and I look forward to working together in order to make it happen. 


My Portfolio

I am excited to share my passion for developing meaningful educational programs through this website. My ambition is to continually create new and innovative solutions which focus on providing students with a 21st-century and encouraging learning environment built by more efficient strategies. Below, is a showcase of initiatives I have co-design with the Academic House of Innovation.  These initiatives demonstrate my design thinking, program management, and program development expertise. 


The Academic House of Innovation (AHOI) is an innovative think-tank and professional learning community devoted to leveraging data analysis, design thinking, and creative collaboration to bridge educational gaps based on race, socioeconomic status, and instructional practices. We strive to empower teachers with the tools to co-create engaging learning experiences that foster critical and creative thought. We aim to develop personalized approaches that inform curriculum and instructional practice decisions. We seek to develop innovative solutions to optimize learning experiences, focusing on closing existing educational gaps.

Blank Project (9).jpeg

IRAAP Cycle of Learning

Through IRAAP, educators transform traditional instruction into an impactful journey that fosters greater content retention and application. IRAAP empowers students to build essential life-long learning skills by creating real-world problem-solving experiences. This innovative approach connects education and relevant contexts, enabling learners to gain a deeper understanding of the material while developing their ability to use knowledge in multiple scenarios.

Blank Project - Untitled Page (4).jpeg

50.2020 Campaign

I allied with David Tann and Sigele Winbush at Tantrum Agency to hone public relations tactics. Our ultimate goal was to give teachers confidence, empowering them to achieve higher student accomplishment. As part of this collaborative relationship, we carefully strategized the best plan of action to maximize their impact in the classroom; their proficiency would then drive respective student outcomes. This unwavering dedication toward growing teacher self-reliance has enabled us to reach newfound heights of achievement over the past year.

Blank Project (13).jpeg

Apple Distinguished School

My team and I are on the cutting-edge journey to making TAG Academy the first to be Apple Distinguished in Atlanta Public School. This prestigious accolade is awarded only to the most innovative schools from around the globe that show exceptional dedication toward nurturing tomorrow's leaders through developing student creativity, collaboration & critical thinking with Apple products. With our continued commitment to excellence in education, we plan to complete this goal by April 2025. 

lost strategy_2_edited.jpg

STEMtopia 180

Through the STEMtopia180 Intervention, scholars have the opportunity to explore STEM using their creativity, innovation, fine motor, and communication skills. STEMtopia180 allows all scholars to develop their frontal cortex while doing enjoyable activities. Without limits, this strategy will enable scholars to create solutions to everyday problems presented through literature, current events and fine arts. This strategy also will enable scholars to self-regulate emotions while problem-solving. Creativity, communication, innovation, reasoning, and problem-solving are the "Phonics" for STEM. Most students struggle with STEM and higher-order thinking in other content because of the disparity of these cognitive processes. Understanding this foundation, we must allow scholars multiple opportunities for failure-free exploration. 


STEM Extravaganza

STEM Extravaganza is a family event designed to provide a platform of fun and engagement where parents and their children can explore the amazing world of STEM together. Participants build essential problem-solving skills while working on exciting projects that spark creativity, communication, and critical thinking – all in a collaborative atmosphere filled with joy. Each activity brings unique challenges for every level, allowing everyone involved to have both stimulating experiences as well as invaluable curricular growth opportunities.


The JIL Project

The Joy In Learning Project seeks to cultivate a nourishing learning environment that sparks joy and excitement. Recent research has suggested a correlation between positive emotions, higher cognitive levels, and improved understanding of ideas (Thanos et al., 1999). When education is accessible in an engaging atmosphere - learners have the potential for tremendous growth as they uncover thrilling "aha" moments (Kohn 2004). Creating a warm and dynamic educational space can facilitate success through meaningful exploration with love.


Student A.C.E.S.

Students ACES is a modern approach designed to tap into students' minds and support them as they transition from passive observers of their academic progress to empowered authors. Through ACES' data talks and student conferencing framework, scholars will unleash their potential by claiming ownership over their educational journey.

Design Thinking - Untitled Page (13).jpeg

Operation HOPE: Child Savings Program

As a school-based Project Manager for the Operation Hope Child Savings Initiative, I worked closely with Atlanta Public Schools administrators to plan and execute a successful program. It was an honor to host some of our city's most influential figures, including past and present Mayors in addition to District Superintendents and executives from Operation HOPE - all united by their commitment towards creating better futures through this initiative which will provide accounts enabling families across Atlanta to save up for financial security.


Personalized Learning

As the school-based co-project lead for Cohort II of Personalized Learning, I worked alongside an experienced team from Education Elements and our teachers. We have developed a unique approach to see students' instruction tailored to their needs. Our integrated plans feature play-based activities, digital content & targeted teaching methods which allow for student reflection and ownership over their learning experience.


AVA 2021 Hiring Process

Through close collaboration between the Atlanta Public Schools A.V.A. Direct Virtual Academy, Dr. Nechelle Sharpe and Creighton Bryan of Tuskegee Airman Global Academy constructed a successful recruiting strategy that yielded excellent results. Over 400 applicants were diligently evaluated to select 35 talented candidates who have been chosen for enrollment in Fall 2021. 

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Tuesdays @ TAG

Tuesdays@TAG is a 90-minute weekly opportunity for teachers to receive hands-on professional learning and vertical S.T.E.M. planning to improve learning experiences for students. During these opportunities, teachers engaged as the student to plan for misconceptions, prerequisite skills and differentiation strategies for all students to access the learning successfully. Many learning opportunities were teacher-led, allowing them to showcase their expertise and learn from one another. Professional learning to improve teacher pedagogy. virtual, independent teacher-led

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