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Georgia State Principal Center

Georgia State University

August 2022 - May 2023

The Aspiring Principals Institute is a valuable tool for honing my professional leadership development. Through the guidance of esteemed experts, I can build strategies tailored toward leading in an ever-evolving school environment. This program also provides me with knowledge and experience across various aspects such as curriculum planning, instruction methods, assessment procedures, and overall administration management – all essential qualities toward successful leadership outcomes. With this amazing opportunity to learn from seasoned professionals within educational fields and its remarkable resources at my disposal, I'm sure these will propel me closer to achieving excellence in education while having tremendous positive effects on our students' successes.


Aspiring Principal Program

Atlanta Public School

August 2021 - 2022

I developed a comprehensive understanding of leadership excellence through the Atlanta Public Schools' Instructional Leadership Development Program. With guidance from experienced mentors, I had access to practical experiences that enabled me to put theory into practice and become an effective leader. The program's Aspiring Leader Model provided me with hands-on learning opportunities to apply my knowledge of APS' Definition of Leadership Excellence in various settings. This approach also empowered me to set ambitious goals for myself and strive towards becoming a principal within the district. I am grateful for this invaluable experience as it has helped shape my career as a leader today.

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Design Thinking Cohort 1

Atlanta Public Schools

August 2022 - May 2023

The Design Thinking Cohort provides a comprehensive learning experience that will help me to understand and apply the principles of design thinking when addressing complex issues. The program emphasizes developing an understanding of user needs, exploring unique problem-solving strategies, and testing potential solutions with stakeholders. It also focuses on creating an equitable framework for innovating, utilizing best practices to ensure all voices are included in the process. By participating in this program, I am committing to developing my skills in using human-centered approaches to drive innovation and create meaningful change.

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Apple Learning Coach

Apple Learning Center

August 2022 - May 2023

Through Apple Learning Coach, I will be equipped with the comprehensive knowledge and expertise required to integrate cutting-edge educational technology into meaningful experiences effectively. This program provides hands-on guidance for navigating this digital landscape through demonstrations and discussions revolving around various innovative tools that can support impactful instruction. Additionally, I am given strategies on how best to collaborate with teachers of different capabilities to bring my vision for using Apple products in teaching closer to fruition. Ultimately, these skills are meant to empower me to make a real difference in education through optimized use of modern technological advances from Apple Inc.

Book Study

As a leader, I understand the importance of investing in myself and my professional growth. My commitment to personal development is strengthened by listening to audiobooks, invaluable tools for self-improvement that enable me to explore new topics, gain insight into different perspectives and acquire knowledge relevant to leadership roles. With this access comes fresh ideas on how best decision-making can be applied to progress further my career and curate skills that are essential for becoming an even better leader.
Exploring four insightful books has provided an invaluable opportunity for me to reflect on leadership and better understand the power of teams and self-awareness. This slide deck captures a snapshot of this journey.
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